Celebrating Women in Computing – Grace Hopper #SheIsWhyICode

Grace Hopper (1906 – 1992)

Known for creating COBOL, the first programming language, Grace Hopper is referred to as a pioneer computer scientist. After earning a PhD in mathematics from Yale and teaching at Vassar College, Grace Hopper joined the Navy Reserves during World War II. There she began working on the Harvard Mark 1 computing team.

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Celebrating Women in Computing – Ada Lovelace #SheIsWhyICode

Ada Lovelace (1815-1852)

As the daughter of poet Lord Byron, her mother wanted to make sure that she did not have her father’s artistic temperament and insured that she was taught sciences and math as a young girl. Her work brought her into collaboration with Charles Babbage, “father of computers” where she was asked to translate an Italian article about a military machine – the Analytical Engine.

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A SIGUCCS Conference Panel Presentation

Are you looking for a chance to highlight some of the projects you have been working on or are in the process of implementing at your university? Can you share the workflow of your high profile technology projects and what steps you took to facilitate them? Would you like to collaborate with a group of like-minded individuals to lead a discussion on a topic that has made a positive impact in your organization? Collaboration and innovation are the heart of the SIGUCCS conference and we want to hear what your university is doing to stay innovative! How would you like to do a panel presentation at the SIGUCCS conference?

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Lightning Talks: Perspective of a Seasoned Presenter

For “those who are afraid of public speaking, Lightning Talks are a great gateway into giving presentations”: a partial quote from Mo Nishiyama’s SIGUCCS Newsletter article, Lightning Talks at the SIGUCCS Annual Conference. I presented my first Lightning Talks at the SIGUCCS 2018 Annual Conference: “Dance Class Benefits for the IT Professional” and “Saying ‘Yes’: Advice for Adventures, Volunteers, and IT Employees”. For me, those two short presentations were not a gatewayto getting started with public speaking. After all, I had written and presented seven conference papers and three panel discussions at SIGUCCS conferences over the years. I love to talk and had conquered my fear of public speaking in my early years as an IT trainer.

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Present a poster and you won’t be disappointed…or overwhelmed

We all know the saying “don’t bite off more than you can chew…” Well then don’t; present a poster at the SIGUCCS Conference instead! That is right, presenting a poster at SIGUCCS is a great way to bite off just enough so you will not feel overwhelmed. An added bonus is it gives you a taste of what it is like to present at a conference. That’s right, kill two birds with one little stone.

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January 2019 – Updates from the Chair

SIGUCCS 2019 Logo

For those of us in higher education, January is a crazy month – mid-year for our academic calendar, and a very busy time preparing for and starting a new semester. The weather in many areas also adds the challenges of bitter cold, snow, and ice. I am certainly missing Orlando on days like today!

The Call for Proposals is here! Share a presentation, panel, poster, or lightning talk at the SIGUCCS Annual Conference in New Orleans in November. Proposals are due March 8. Visit the 2019 Conference website for details.

The Executive Committee (EC) continues to meet monthly, and our committees are busy planning and working as well! Here are highlights of our accomplishments this quarter:

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Why Present?

When I attended my first SIGUCCS I came away thinking… “Why didn’t I present on that topic? I could have done that….”

So before you ignore this article, think about things you do every day that someone else might benefit from. It is often the easiest solutions, things you take for granted, that others can learn from. While we all have stuff to learn, we all have something to teach and share also, so how about submitting a proposal to present at SIGUCCS 2019 in New Orleans.

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