SIGUCCS 2021 Conference Takeaway – Infrastructure and Networking

Our third session of the 2021 annual conference highlighted the technical achievements of our colleagues. The presentations included:

  • Centralizing Server and Workstation Provisioning, Configuration, and Management by Kyle Vonblohn
  • Consolidation of Individual Email Services into a Cloud Service by Takao Shimayoshi, Yoshiaki Kasahara, and Naomi Fujimura
  • Automatic and Flexible Operation of Campus Equipment Using Bot Computing by Takashi Yamanoue
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SIGUCCS 2021 Conference Takeaway – Leadership

Almost 100 people tuned in for the March 23 session on Leadership which consisted of three sessions

  • Learning On and At the Edge: Enabling Remote Instructional Activities with Micro Controller and Microprocessor Devices with Owen McGrath
  • Leading Diverse Teams during Transitions to Remote Work with Laurie Fox & Shawn Plummer
  • Won’t You Be My Leader? With Tom Wilk
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SIGUCCS 2021 Conference Takeaway – Lessons Learned from Massive Pivots Due to Physical Campus Closures

Over 120 people signed in for our session Lessons Learned from Massive Pivots to Physical Campus Closures which consisted of three sessions.

  • Supporting the Rapid Adaptation to Remote Teaching Modality: Software and Hardware Edition with Dan Herrick
  • Low-Cost, Scalable Technology for Hybrid Learning with Allan Chen
  • I’ll See You Online with Miranda Carney-Morris
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SIGUCCS and the ACM Digital Library

As part of our sponsorship with ACM (Association for Computing Machinery), SIGUCCS is responsible for contributing to scholarship in the computing sector. We are just one of a number of special interest groups associated with ACM (

As we approach the start of the 2021 Annual Conference, presenters have prepared papers and abstracts to be included in the Digital Library under the anticipated title “Proceedings of the 2021 ACM SIGUCCS Annual Conference”. We will share this link with the community when it is published!

The ACM Digital Library (DL) ( is the world’s most comprehensive database of full-text articles and bibliographic literature covering computing and information technology.  The DL is designed to facilitate information dissemination and sharing, interoperability, user-centered design, and collaboration for computing professionals, practitioners, researchers, and educators. ACM also sponsors a number of publications ( and expects its membership to contribute. 

Your SIGUCCS membership entitles you to access all SIGUCCS-submitted content! An ACM membership allows you access to all content submitted by other SIGs as well. Join SIGUCCS today.

Picture This: SIGUCCS Photography

If you have attended a SIGUCCS Annual Conference in person, chances are you have been “shot” by one of our talented photographers. These collections are a great way to capture our events – and revisit them each week in Throwback Thursday in our Facebook Group.

Yosemite. Half Dome Reflection
by Allan Chen
Yosemite. Half Dome Reflection
by Allan Chen – February 2021

All of our photographers are volunteer, and many of them share their talents online on Facebook or Instagram. Here are some of my favorites. (If I missed your feed, let me know and I will update this article!

  • Parrish Nnambi (@sule2you) Parrish’s Instagram feed is a beautiful collection of wildlife and landscapes. I love the birds!
  • Allen Chen (@romosoho) Allan truly captures nature’s beauty, and has travelled to some fantastic locations. As a bonus, you may catch a glimpse of his beautiful family!
  • Kelly Wainwright (@kswainwright) lives in one of the most beautiful area of our country. She also frequently shares family pictures and cats.
  • Melissa Bauer (@mbauer1002) At SIGUCCS conferences, Melissa and I can frequently be found taking pictures of desserts. She is also a talented photographer of flowers.
  • Ella Tschopik (@ellatschopik) Ella finds beauty with her iPhone 12 Pro Max. Fortunately for us, she frequently turns the camera on herself and her daughters.
  • If you’re on Facebook, make sure you are friends with Terris Wolff. I always look forward to “No Tie Tuesday” (his retired version of the Bow Tie event) as he shares locations and history near his home in California.

I am grateful that so many of my SIGUCCS colleagues are also my social media friends, and I appreciate being able to glimpse their lives through photography! Thanks to all SIGUCCS photographers for sharing your talent at our conferences!

January 2021 – Updates from the Chair

As we move into the second half of our first year as a new board, we are excited to share the following updates.


Preconference seminars have been announced and a full schedule for our conference seminar series will be published soon. The program will consist of both presentations and social activities spread out over 6 weeks. I hope you will plan to join us for some or all of these great events. Check out the conference information here.


Scenes from one of Lisa’s many fall & winter walks in Rochester, NY

Since September we have initiated a hangout in Zoom every month. For one hour SIGUCCS friends gather, just to gather. We have had conversations about the current remote work situation, how classes are going, funny and scary support stories… whatever people want to discuss. We plan to continue this over the coming year in order to remain connected. We invite you to join us. The next hangout is themed “New Beginnings” and will be held on January 21 at 3pm Eastern – Mark your calendar now and register here to get the Zoom link.


On behalf of the Awards Committee, the Executive Committee is proud to announce the new inductees into the SIGUCCS Hall of Fame. Please join me in congratulating the following: Mathew Felthousen, Chester Andrews, Dan Herrick, Rebekah Lineberry, and Chris King. Read more about these extraordinary SIGUCCS members.

We would also like to congratulate all of the winners of the Communication Awards. It is always exciting to see how other universities are sharing information with their constituents. The winning entries are recognized on our website.  Additionally, there were 48 submissions from 18 different institutions this year and we would like to thank everyone that submitted! We hope that the feedback that you received was helpful for your future work.

~ Lisa Brown

October 2020 – Updates from the Chair

The first quarter of the new board’s term has been interesting.  A lot has changed, and a lot has remained the same.

2020 2021Conference

As conference planning for March 2021 continued, the public health situation with COVID-19 showed signs of worsening. The board had another major decision to make. The decision to go virtual for 2021 did not come easily. We understand how much the success of our conference relies on networking and being together in person. We also understand that trying to attend virtual events while working a regular day will not be stress-free or uninterrupted. That being said, we want to acknowledge the people that have put work into presentations and give them a chance to be published in 2021. Planning for this virtual event is underway and we hope that you can join us!


Zoom window with participants
SIGUCCS Spooky Stories Hangout October 2020

In order to maintain the community that is SIGUCCS, we have initiated a series of hangouts. These occur monthly, and we started in September. The topic in September was remote work and its advantages and disadvantages. In October, we went with a Halloween theme and shared Scary Support Stories. Each time we have had a great group of SIGUCCS friends join us. We’ll have another in November and again in December and we hope more of you will join us for those!


Another way that we are planning to keep SIGUCCS together is through a seminar series, starting in November. Register now for the November 10 topic: Life Beyond the Lab. This session will feature short presentations about topics associated with moving from worker bee to manager and include time for questions and discussion. (


There is still time to nominate a SIGUCCS colleague for a Penny Crane or Hall of Fame award for 2021. Visit to learn more or make a nomination. The nomination period ends December 1.


Finally, our mentoring program will be starting up again in January, so if you are interested, take a look at our site to learn more ( We are looking for both mentors and mentees to join the program that will run January 2021 – November 2021.  Applications are open now!

~ Lisa Brown

March 2020 – Updates from the Chair

I rarely write these updates far in advance, and that’s a good thing for this month! The changes in our professional and personal lives during this health crisis are monumental, unprecedented, and several other big vocabulary words.

Dan Herrick's Home Office
Dan Herrick’s Home Office

You all continue to inspire me, working hard to ensure your campuses are running smoothly while changing your own work environment. If you have not yet joined the Slack discussions in our workspace, I encourage you to Join our SIGUCCS Slack Team. We are sharing our successes and even a few laughs!

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SIGUCCS Presentation Formats

SIGUCCS offers a number of different presentation formats. How do I know which format will best share my material with the community to suggest when I submit my proposal? SIGUCCS has an opportunity for everyone!

The most common option is the standard presentation. This is what you typically think of when you think of a conference presentation. Its pretty standard – at the conference, you have an hour long time slot in which to give your presentation and answer questions of your attendees. This is likely the best option if you’d like to tell the story of a project or experience from start to finish, covering the inception, planning, execution and results. It also is a format that excels at highlighting a particular process. This format involves writing a short (2-6 page) paper that outlines your presentation prior to the conference. The cool part is that this paper gets published in the ACM digital library. For information about the paper process, see this article.

If you have colleagues at other institutions that you partnered with to accomplish great work, or you have consulted while working on similar projects and many of you are planning to attend, suggest a panel presentation. This is a presentation format where each member of the panel would present their perspectives on a common topic and discuss similarities and differences in approaches. The audience benefits from multiple perspectives. This presentation type takes the variety of school sizes and types which make the SIGUCCS community so valuable and puts them on a stage together. Not sure how to find co-presenters? Use the SIGUCCS-L email list! If you are not a member, join today ( A paper is optional for this type of presentation.   

If you have a great process to share and it can be an interactive session, submit a proposal for a facilitated discussion. This type of session allows you the flexibility to present for a few minutes before asking the attendees to get involved. You may ask attendees to work together, brainstorm solutions, etc. You become the moderator/facilitator of the session after introducing the topic. At the end, everyone comes away learning something. A paper is also optional for this type of presentation.

Don’t want to present to a large group? Submit a proposal for a poster. The poster session provides you an opportunity to discuss your topic/project one-on-one with other attendees. This format also involves writing a short (2-6 page) paper. For more information about the poster session and how beneficial this can be to you and your career, visit the Present a Poster article.

And what the heck is a lightning talk? This is a very short presentation – 7 minutes. Lightning talks are arranged around a common theme and generally cover a narrow portion of a topic, perhaps an anecdote about a particularly teachable support call, day or week. A reminder about the importance of MFA, a glimpse into how computer repair has changed with Apple’s adoption of soldering everything together or how to design a better process to reuse/recycle aging equipment are all great examples.  Writing a paper is optional for this type of presentation. Read more about lightning talks at this newsletter article.

While we understand the commitment that comes with writing a paper, this seems like a great opportunity to remind you that writing the paper also provides a great opportunity to collect your thoughts and start giving yourself some hard deadlines as you start preparing for the conference. Publishing your work also means you’re filling out your resume.

The Call for Proposals for SIGUCCS 2020 is open! This is your opportunity for presenting session talks, panel discussions, posters, and/or Lightning Talks during the conference. Submit by March 29, 2020