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July 30, 3:00pm: Cook ‘em like Gumbo: Support Documents for Today and Tomorrow – Mo Nishiyama (OSHU)

Gumbo (the official state dish of Louisiana) is known for assimilating many culinary traditions throughout its rich history. The highly revered dish continues to be influenced by multicultural traditions and is enjoyed by a diverse group of people. Customer-facing Help and How-to document system at Oregon Health & Science University share many features as gumbo: articles are authored by experts from various missions, they share similar and consistent content structures and are served to diverse customer bases.

Although the Help and How-to document repository has been in existence for just over five years, we learned from many challenges and successes when developing the system. We have learned where and how customers interact with information, what types of articles are in high demand and how documents complement our communication campaigns. We have adopted better inclusion practices with the words and graphics we use, and raised awareness for accessibility concerns. We also expanded our group of core editors during this time.

Yet there are more changes on the horizon. With the organization’s imminent ITIL adoption, the role of support articles and technology challenges will continue to evolve—just like gumbo.

Straight outta Portland (Oregon), Mo Nishiyama is passionate about promoting an inclusive workplace culture, adopting frameworks that are centered around empathy, and sneakily inserting the Oxford Comma in business documents (despite his institution’s Style Guide which discourages its use). He strives to bring “How might we…” and “Yes, and…” reframing conversations into the workplace.

August 20, 2:00pm : Communication Skills and Teaming are a Project Manager’s Best Friend – Kristi Lenz (Washington U, St Louis)

As a project manager it is our job to control the scope, time and budget of an initiative with a defined start and end. The everyday logistics of how that occurs varies greatly from one PM to another and from one organization to another. Two skills that can be consistently used to support success are strong communication skills and teaming. Teaming is the art and skill of creating several small focused working groups to concentrate on very defined deliverables while working as a part of the whole project as one cohesive unit. Communication skills is a vast bucket into which many things can be grouped; in this particular scenario I am referring to communications within your project teams, controlling communications to your customers/stakeholders and communication up to senior management.
In this paper I will explore the various tools and strategies, including teaming which can be used to increase project visibility, create stakeholder buy-in, encourage organizational change management and ensure project success.

Kristi Lenz is a Project Manager at Washington University in St. Louis project manager with over 15 years experience in higher education.

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