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Meet Chris Olance

Hi, my name is Chris Olance. Back in 2011, I was making the transition from a technical position – manager of the student computer labs – to a management position as Manager of Support Services. I was struggling with the transition and I needed help. At that time, I was going to the LabMan lab manager’s conferences and I asked people at that conference about the transition to management.

Chris Olance

Someone at LabMan suggested that I check out SIGUCCS. When I contacted them, they mentioned that they had a grant for first time attendees. Adams State University is a small state university, and funding is always tight. Getting the grant allowed me to get to my first SIGUCCS conference.

The first thing I noticed was the people we were really friendly and extremely helpful. Because they are people just like me – IT people at colleges and universities – there is an immediate shared bond. It did not matter if they are from a large school or small, people wanted to help others. Speaking of helping others, they suggested that I sign up for the mentoring program. I took their advice and was paired up with a mentor. My mentor helped me in the decisions I had to make in my new management position. I got so much out of the process that later I signed up to be a mentor and enjoyed that as well. Currently, I am on the advisory board for the mentoring program. I highly recommend people consider joining SICUCCS and consider being either a mentee or mentor!

Without the SIGUCCS attendance grant program, I would not have been able to attend this conference and learn more about this community – a community that helped me transition in my job and become a better manager. I continue to attend SIGUCCS and support the mentoring program because of this. And my success has helped me bring others from my university to the conference as well!

Chris Olance, M.A.
Adams State University
Computing Services, Manager of Support Services
Professor IT345

A SIGUCCS Conference Panel Presentation

Are you looking for a chance to highlight some of the projects you have been working on or are in the process of implementing at your university? Can you share the workflow of your high profile technology projects and what steps you took to facilitate them? Would you like to collaborate with a group of like-minded individuals to lead a discussion on a topic that has made a positive impact in your organization? Collaboration and innovation are the heart of the SIGUCCS conference and we want to hear what your university is doing to stay innovative! How would you like to do a panel presentation at the SIGUCCS conference?

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Lightning Talks: Perspective of a Seasoned Presenter

For “those who are afraid of public speaking, Lightning Talks are a great gateway into giving presentations”: a partial quote from Mo Nishiyama’s SIGUCCS Newsletter article, Lightning Talks at the SIGUCCS Annual Conference. I presented my first Lightning Talks at the SIGUCCS 2018 Annual Conference: “Dance Class Benefits for the IT Professional” and “Saying ‘Yes’: Advice for Adventures, Volunteers, and IT Employees”. For me, those two short presentations were not a gatewayto getting started with public speaking. After all, I had written and presented seven conference papers and three panel discussions at SIGUCCS conferences over the years. I love to talk and had conquered my fear of public speaking in my early years as an IT trainer.

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Present a poster and you won’t be disappointed…or overwhelmed

We all know the saying “don’t bite off more than you can chew…” Well then don’t; present a poster at the SIGUCCS Conference instead! That is right, presenting a poster at SIGUCCS is a great way to bite off just enough so you will not feel overwhelmed. An added bonus is it gives you a taste of what it is like to present at a conference. That’s right, kill two birds with one little stone.

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Why Present?

When I attended my first SIGUCCS I came away thinking… “Why didn’t I present on that topic? I could have done that….”

So before you ignore this article, think about things you do every day that someone else might benefit from. It is often the easiest solutions, things you take for granted, that others can learn from. While we all have stuff to learn, we all have something to teach and share also, so how about submitting a proposal to present at SIGUCCS 2019 in New Orleans.

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Meet Tierney Jackson and Jennifer Ott

TOPdesk was looking for a great conference to reach the education sector and decided to showcase their product at the 2018 SIGUCCS annual conference. They wanted to do a presentation, but knew that attendees want to hear from their peers, not from the vendor. So they asked Tierney Jackson and Jennifer Ott from Rhodes College, who were actively involved in their schools implementation of TOPdesk, to present instead. Their story was one that TOPdesk felt was more relatable to the SIGUCCS conference attendees than a sales pitch would have been. This presentation by one of their partner schools was one that could share practical use cases and benefits and hopefully help the audience find a solution to a problem that they were facing in their own workplace.

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Meet Patricia Carpenter – SIGUCCS Grant Winner

A year or so ago, Patricia was attending another conference and feeling like the content was just not right for her. Someone at that conference suggested that she look at the SIGUCCS conference. While reviewing the web site, she found the content to be the types of sessions that she would be interested in and she also found out about the grant program and decided to apply the following year. As luck would have it she was selected as one of the 2018 grant award winners.

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Get Jazzed about SIGUCCS 2019

saxophone player silhouette

It’s not too soon to get jazzed about the 2019 ACM SIGUCCS Annual Conference in New Orleans on November 3-6. The customarily friendly atmosphere of the conference will be enhanced by the warmth of Southern hospitality and the heat of Cajun cuisine. Join with your colleagues from across the country and over the oceans in sharing fruitful approaches to technological challenges in higher education and cautionary tales of projects gone awry. Create or strengthen relationships that you can draw on throughout the year when you need informed advice or a supportive sounding board.

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