SIGUCCS 2020 Conference Committee Introductions – Tom Wilk

This article is part of a series introducing the SIGUCS 2020 Conference Committee. Each Committee member submitted answers to questions created by the SIGUCCS Marketing Committee.

Tom Wilk

Tom Wilk, PC Engineering Manager for Carnegie Mellon University School of Computer Science, is a SIGUCCS 2020 Program Co-Chair.

How many SIGUCCS conferences have you attended?

Which previous SIGUCCS conference was your favorite, and why?
2014, it was my first SIGUCCS conference, I met a lot of awesome people and was nicknamed Chia by keynote speaker Jeff Civillico.

How did you get involved as a volunteer in SIGUCCS?
I really liked this group and what they were up to so I volunteered to be a mentor for the program in 2015. The mentoring group was so awesome I just could not help becoming even more involved the following year.

What’s an accomplishment that you are especially proud of (personal or work-related)?
Ironically earlier the same year I attended my first SIGUCCS conference I also hiked 100 miles in New Mexico. We had less than ten days to hike the mountains of the Philmont Scout Ranch and we all made it without any problems.

You can always stop and talk to me about …
RVing. My wife and I love to take our RV all over the country to visit new places.

For fun, I like to …
Hike, bike, kayak, pretty much anything outdoors.

SIGUCCS 2020 San Diego… what kind of hot sauce do you put on your tacos?