SIGUCCS 2020 Conference Introductions – Dan Herrick

This article is part of a series introducing the SIGUCS 2020 Conference Committee. Each Committee member submitted answers to questions created by the SIGUCCS Marketing Committee.

Dan Herrick, IT Asset Manager at University of Colorado – Boulder, is the Executive Committee / SIGUCCS 2020 Conference Liaison.

Dan Herrick

How many SIGUCCS conferences have you attended?

Which previous SIGUCCS conference was your favorite, and why?
I have too many favorites! Some highlights: My first SIGUCCS conference (fall 2005), because I was introduced to this fabulous community and couldn’t wait to get back; my first SIGUCCS presentation at a conference (fall 2009), because it inspired me to challenge myself and share my experiences with my peers; my first conference as a conference committee member (fall 2017), because it gratified me to give back to the conference and elevated my level of participation. And, of course, the last one I attended (fall 2019), because it’s fresh in my mind and the experience just seems to get better each time!

How did you get involved as a volunteer in SIGUCCS?
I recognized that becoming part of the volunteer team helped me expand my networking reach, improve my organizational and planning skills, and gave me greater insight into what the SIGUCCS community values. Plus, I loved giving back a little something to the community that helps me grow!

What’s an accomplishment that you are especially proud of (personal or work-related)?
I’ll never forget the first major presentation I gave, which was at SIGUCCS 2009. It felt like I’d reached the next level to be accepted as a presenter. Before my presentation, I worried that I wouldn’t do it right, that no one would come, that it wouldn’t be interesting. As I walked into the room (late!), I saw that the room was full and even overflowing into the hallway. They’d all come to listen to ME. That was when I felt the flash of pride and humility at the same time: I was proud that they were there for my presentation, and humbled because I knew I was just one of them, doing my best to teach what I had learned.

You can always stop and talk to me about …
Personal productivity topics of all sorts, life hacks, science (especially cognition and eusocial superorganisms), and coffee.

For fun, I like to …
I love to explore new places, learn new things, and discover the depths in people. At conferences, you’ll find me doing all these things. I love tabletop gaming (all kinds, but not Monopoly). The art of coffee enjoyment. (I’ll happily demo a pourover coffee technique!)

SIGUCCS 2020 San Diego… what kind of hot sauce do you put on your tacos?
Depends on the taco; I go for complementary seasoning, not heat. Cholula and sriracha are among my faves.

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