SIGUCCS 2018 Conference Takeaway – Navigating your Path to Leadership

Navigating your Path to Leadership

Presented by: David Weil (Ithaca College), Beth Rugg (University of North Carolina, Charlotte), Terry Ruger (Ithaca College)

What a phenomenal group of presenters who shared with us how to prepare for advancing up the career ladder. They reminded us that advancing up that ladder is about people and vision and less about technology. Mid-level management is not about being better at technology.

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Find out what your leadership style is and embrace it. Do not try to be something that you are not. As you move up the ladder make sure that you are making a good decision for yourself and for the organization.

If you are looking to move up from technical into a management position, look for opportunities to demonstrate leadership outside of your job. Activity and participation in university committees and volunteer organizations count. Also, make sure that you are networking both inside and outside your current organization.

Keep your resume current, even if you are not looking for a position now. Reviewing your resume allows you to recognize your accomplishments.

If you are looking at internal positions, take it just as seriously as if you were an external candidate. Do your homework and leverage what you already know about the organization. But, do not just assume that people on the interview committee know your background – tell your story no matter who is interviewing you!


Your leadership style is about dialogue with people. Tell your story, it is what institutions want to hear when hiring for executive positions. Decide where you want to go and develop a plan to get there. It is much easier than career drifting. Put yourself out there, take risks, and stand out. – Tom Wilk

One of my main takeaways from this presentation was that you are always interviewing for a job. Every encounter or interaction is part of your “interview”. – Lisa Brown