SIGUCCS 2018 Conference Takeaway – Anatomy of a Career Coaching Session

Anatomy of a Career Coaching Session

Presented by: Diana Sadlouskos (Sadlouskos Consulting)

Diane Anatomy of a Career Coaching SessionDiana Sadlouskos, a career coach, provided us an inside look at a career coaching session by showcasing her process with a SIGUCCS attendee. Some of her advice included:

  • Identify the job(s) that you are interested in
  • Update your application materials to apply specifically to that job
    • Cover letter
    • Resume
  • Prepare for interviews
    • Create an interview prep document/matrix
    • Develop a career notebook
    • Create your 2-3 minute introduction
  • Plan for your next steps

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Your resume should be built upon the themes of the job for which you are applying. Highlight the skills that are being requested in that new position. Be sure that your resume and cover letter tell your story and tell it well. – Lisa Brown

What a fantastic opportunity to see what happens in career coaching sessions. I learned that each time you apply for a job, your application materials must be recreated to apply toward the credentials sought. – Laurie Fox