SIGUCCS 2019 Conference Takeaway – Campus Experience for Online Classes

Bringing Campus Experience to Online Classes

Key problems in making the online experience “equivalent” to campus experience were the ability to have real time meetings, a good recording/streaming platform, and how to handle labs and specialty software. University of Oregon discussed the solutions that they implemented to support these three issues and how the platforms that they implemented provided a solution that satisfied their students and faculty.

Lessons learned from this project:

  • Concepts generally adopted – live interaction via video conferencing, recorded content.
  • Dissent over what solution to use – familiarity, adoption pains (Why can’t we use Skype?).
  • Skepticism – unfamiliar tools (VMWare).
  • Documentation is needed – lack of clear documentation was a stumbling block for faculty.
  • Training needed for faculty! They did not take time to self-train.


Moving online can have similar interactions and experiences to a face-to-face experience when the right tools are provided to students and faculty. – Lisa Brown

See their presentation materials at:

Read their paper in the digital library: