How to Write a Good Conference Proposal

You’ve decided to submit a proposal to present at SIGUCCS, now what? What should you include in your abstract?

Check out the advice provided in a previous newsletter from 2019’s conference (, but also consider these tips from Karolina Szczur at

  1. Follow the outlined rules
  2. Steer clear of sloppy formatting
  3. Be succinct
  4. Use inclusive language and avoid shaming
  5. Stay away from product pitches
  6. Show, don’t tell
  7. Use your creativity and be original
  8. Submit more than one proposal

Or these tips from a seasoned proposal reviewer (

fountain pen on paper
  1. Proofread
  2. Use less jargon
  3. Master the details
  4. Pitch yourself
  5. Submit early

For more advice, see also

Remember your abstract is only 300 words. So get to the point. A catchy title and succinct description will not only get your proposal accepted, but also make attendees want to come to your presentation.

The Call for Proposals for the SIGUCCS 2020 Annual Conference will be opening soon. Start thinking about your topic and ideas now.

Feel free to ask questions and share ideas on the SIGUCCS Slack channel as you refine your conference proposal.