We’re not just Slack-ing Off

Slack logo

Three years ago, the SIGUCCS Board created a new SIGUCCS Slack workspace to facilitate communications among SIGUCCS colleagues.

Since that time, our SIGUCCS Slack domain(siguccs.slack.com) has grown to 17 public channels and 257 members. Those numbers sound pretty impressive, but we are even more impressed that there are nearly 50 active members each week!

 Our most active channels include:

  • #general – overall, open conversation
  • #conference – information about SIGUCCS 2019 in New Orleans
  • #weeklychallenge – a new challenge is posted each Wednesday
  • #productivity – a channel created to share your tips, tricks and tools for increasing your productivity
  • #book-club – a location to talk about the books we are reading together (https://siguccs.org/wp/?page_id=930)

To join Slack, visit the SlackBot Invitation page. See you there!