SIGUCCS 2018 Volunteer Introductions – Winnie Ling Luper

What is your volunteer position for 2018 and how would you explain it to someone new to SIGUCCS?

I am the social chair. As social chair, I come up with different networking and social events so that participants can get to know one another and enjoy the conference beyond the sessions.

How many SIGUCCS conferences have you attended?

This will be my 3rd conference.

How did you get involved as a volunteer in SIGUCCS?

I filled out the web form. 😉 After my second conference, I felt a bigger sense of community with the participants. I wanted to help foster the same experience for other attendees, so I volunteered to be social chair. Plus, the Orlando location is perfect for my planning abilities since I visit annually and I have extensive knowledge about navigating the Disney resort.

What’s an accomplishment that you are especially proud of?

My husband and I are building a house. It has been a multi year project and we are finally nearing the end (it should be ready in July). In the process, we were able to subdivide our lot and sold it to my brother so he could build a house next to us. I grew up in a very tight knit extended family, so having our children grow up together is very to me.

Something that you could always stop and talk to me about


What do you do for fun?

I read, spend time with my family, and constantly plan the perfect house.

SIGUCCS 2018 Orlando … who is your favorite Disney character?

Mary Poppins! I would love to have a bottomless carpet bag filled with everything I needed, a sunny attitude, and the ability to use magic to clean!