SIGUCCS 2017 Conference Takeaway – A Leadership Framework

A Leadership Framework

Presented by: Kelly Wainwright, Lewis and Clark College

The IT management team at Lewis and Clark College (“the CIO Council”) implemented quarterly goal setting for the whole team. Every quarter, each team identifies their goals within their group including how they will measure success. While their focus is on short-term, achievable goals, they also keep an eye on how their goal setting aligns with that of the College.

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Lewis & Clark created an “IT Communications & Culture Platforms” document that lists all recurring meetings and team-building events. This is something I’m taking back to my IT management team, and hope that we can implement something similar here! It’s a fantastic resource to have for the whole department. – Laurie Fox

I found that the alignment of the IT organization mission directly to the College’s mission was an important step in creating a strategic partnership. – Lisa Brown