Meet Patricia Carpenter – SIGUCCS Grant Winner

A year or so ago, Patricia was attending another conference and feeling like the content was just not right for her. Someone at that conference suggested that she look at the SIGUCCS conference. While reviewing the web site, she found the content to be the types of sessions that she would be interested in and she also found out about the grant program and decided to apply the following year. As luck would have it she was selected as one of the 2018 grant award winners.

Patricia Carpenter

Patricia was very interested in attending both the help desk sessions and the management track sessions as she had recently been promoted from a help desk analyst to manager. In the past, at other conferences, she had often struggled to decide what session would offer her any ideas, but at SIGUCCS she found it difficult to choose which session to attend. The topics offered were really related to her new role and made her very excited to attend.

Arriving at the conference, Patricia was amazed at the personal affect offered by the conference. Everyone was welcoming and helpful and she found it to be a very friendly community – different from other conferences she had attended in the past. As a member of a small 6-college consortium she also found it helpful to “get out of the bubble” and learn about what others do in their schools.

Overall the SIGUCCS conference was a great experience. Patricia really enjoyed how the sessions connected to the message from one of the keynote speakers who talked about the need for soft skills versus technical skills. So many of the sessions reinforced this message across a range of topics.

Patricia probably would not have been able to attend the SIGUCCS conference in 2018 if not for the grant program and wants all to know that the application process was very easy. If you are new to SIGUCCS, it is worth taking the risk and applying!

The grant program for 2019 will open in the summer. Share the SIGUCCS experience with someone new and encourage them to apply! See