A SIGUCCS Conference Panel Presentation

Are you looking for a chance to highlight some of the projects you have been working on or are in the process of implementing at your university? Can you share the workflow of your high profile technology projects and what steps you took to facilitate them? Would you like to collaborate with a group of like-minded individuals to lead a discussion on a topic that has made a positive impact in your organization? Collaboration and innovation are the heart of the SIGUCCS conference and we want to hear what your university is doing to stay innovative! How would you like to do a panel presentation at the SIGUCCS conference?

The panel presentation format is specifically designed to be more collaborative. There are a few ways to get started with your panel presentation. Be proactive! Start with submitting a proposal. The proposal calls for a title, an abstract (a short summary of what you would like to discuss), and keywords to help categorize your talk. Better yet, start looking for co-presenters; your proposal will be much stronger if you already have multiple people and/or institutions lined up. Not sure how to find collaborators? Use the SIGUCCS-L email list! If you are not a member, join today (https://siguccs.org/wp/?page_id=435)

If your proposal is accepted you would begin preparing your panel presentation. Panel presentations are a unique form of public speaking. Whether you choose to present a panel with a colleague or a presenter from another university, there could be endless results. With presenters from multiple universities, each institution would present on its own methods of the topic and discuss similarities and differences in approaches. The presenters can choose how to highlight the project’s strengths and weakness and address future check-ins for the work. This track helps audience benefit from multiple perspectives.

To design a perfect panel presentation, keep in mind these few items:

  • Connect with your audience
    • It is important to engage your audience with the topic and present it in a way in which they can relate! Regardless of who you decide to collaborate with on the panel, the audience takes cues from your presentation style! Make sure to highlight what compelled you to present this panel.
  • Know your co-presenters
    • It is also important to respect what your co-presenter cares about and highlight the parts of the project that are important to them.
  • Take notes
    • Keep a notepad by your side to write down questions and topics from your audience. You may not have the luxury to get to everything you want to speak about in the hour period, so write things down and follow up.
  • Be creative!
    • You can have the audience participate in other ways than just asking for opinions and questions. Take live polls during the talk and generate statistics, have the audience send text to a word cloud and watch the crowd’s opinions come to life, create a mini game or challenge, or even hand out props that are relevant to your talk!
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While a paper is optional for a panel presentation, we highly encourage presenters to put together a formal outline for their presentation as part of the paper writing process.

Visit the SIGUCCS 2019 Call for Proposals page to submit your proposal today!