SIGUCCS Penny Crane Award Nominations due July 1

It’s nomination season for SIGUCCS – hopefully you are already thinking about who you will nominate for the Penny Crane Award for Distinguished Service and the SIGUCCS Hall of Fame. These awards are great opportunities to recognize volunteers and leaders in our organization and beyond. (Nominations must be received by July 1.)

Here are the qualifications for a Penny Crane Award nominee:

  • Been a member of SIGUCCS over a relatively long term (but would not necessarily have to be a current member).
  • Been nominated via a 500-word statement from a current member of SIGUCCS (no self-nominations).
  • A record of long-term service to higher education and the computing profession, as indicated by a statement covering that service (normally a complete resume).
  • A record of extensive service to SIGUCCS, over a significant period of time (normally ten or more years), which could be checked against the records of SIGUCCS and ACM.
  • Received additional endorsements from at least four current or former members of SIGUCCS who are familiar with the contributions of the candidate.
  • Services which might qualify an individual include: SIGUCCS officer or board member, Conference or Program Chair, Conference Presenter, Chairing a SIGUCCS Committee, Serving in the Peer Review process, conducting workshops, representing SIGUCCS on an ACM Committee, representing SIGUCCS/ACM to another information technology organization

For more details about the award and nomination materials, visit

About Penny Crane

Penny CranePenny Crane was was an enthusiastic, dedicated volunteer for ACM and SIGUCCS including SIGUCCS board chair from 1986 to 1990. The Penny Crane Award for Distinguished Service was established by the SIGUCCS board to honor her long-time service and contributions.

SIGUCCS Conference attendees have heard the famous Penny Crane quote:

The rookies don’t have to go to all the sessions, and the old guys have to go to at least one.

That’s a pretty humorous sentiment, but more importantly one that shows deep value in the opportunity to meet and learn from other professionals in higher education at a SIGUCCS conference.

Penny’s SIGUCCS friends gathered their thoughts into a tribute document in 1999.¬†