What’s Your Flight Plan for the Future

We are thrilled to welcome Chris King to SIGUCCS 2022. A member of the SIGUCCS Hall of Fame, Chris has delighted and educated audiences for over 20 years.

Chris King from SIGUCCS 2016

Chris’ talk is titled What’s Your Flight Plan for the Future. A wise (or ambitious) person once said that you should “never let a crisis go to waste.” While that phrase can conjure up thoughts of carpetbagger-type people trying to take advantage of the misfortune of others, there is a lot of wisdom in the idea of acting on unexpected situations for the betterment of all involved. Whether it’s a predictable scenario like a budget shortfall in one area or a disaster scenario like a worldwide pandemic, one should always have a plan for how they could most provide hope in a hopeless place. This presentation goes through the process of future-proofing at a different level, where we plan for the expected while at the same time preparing for a world that might never come – just in case that world comes to us anyway.

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