Want to reach a decision-maker? Come to SIGUCCS, where you will meet both current and future leaders in higher education. The conference is attended by technologists, managers, directors, CIOs, and Vice Presidents with an average of sixteen years of experience from a wide variety of colleges and universities.

  • 65% of SIGUCCS attendees make or influence decisions for their institutions
  • 52% of attendees come for the technical sessions offered and the solutions presented
  • 48% of attendees come to talk to each other about their jobs and the tools they use

SIGUCCS is unique in its diversity of attendees (help desk personnel to CIOs), topics (technical sessions to career advancement), nationally-renowned speakers, and having a schedule that facilitates networking with peers and exhibitors.

SIGUCCS also fosters personal connections between exhibitors and attendees. Whether it’s the opportunity for an in-depth discussion outside of sessions or over a meal, you get far more than a name, title and business card.

Importantly, at an average of 200 attendees, SIGUCCS is large enough for exhibitors to make a number of contacts, yet small enough such that each of those connections is personal and deep. Exhibitors are placed right in the major thoroughfares of the conference space; we do not have a separate exhibit hall. This is the same space where we hold our breaks and many informal conversations occur between attendees. Exhibitors are in direct contact and have a captive audience. Attendees will often engage in discussions over the course of the entire conference.

For more information about becoming an exhibitor at SIGUCCS 2022, please email Parrish Nnambi at exhibitors@docs.siguccs.org

BenefitBase ($1,500)
Name on Conference website
Logo on Conference website
5 minute time slot between speakers during one of the sessions
Breakout Room for Poster Session
Acknowledgment at Opening Session
Access to Attendee List1
  1. Access to attendee list follows ACM Privacy policy rules and will allow us to share only attendee information of those who opt in to sharing their information with 3rd parties.