SIGUCCS Virtual Conference

ACM SIGUCCS is hosting our first Virtual Conference on November 10, 2020. The theme of this conference is Life Beyond the Lab – information for aspiring or new managers who transition from supervising students to supervising professionals.

Registration will be available in October. There is no cost to attend. Once you are registered, you will receive the GoToWebinar link. We encourage you to watch together with your colleagues!

Schedule (all times are Eastern):

1:00pmWelcomeAllan Chen, Professional Development Chair
Laurie Fox, SIGUCCS EC Chair
1:15pmSession I: Taking the First StepPhedra Henninger, Muhlenberg College
Nik Varrone, SUNY Geneseo
Tom Wilk, Carnegie Mellon University
2:00pmSession II: Persuasive Communication SkillsRob Guissanie, Bucknell University
3:00pmSession III: Funding Beyond Student PayrollMat Felthousen, Campus Auxiliary Services at SUNY Geneseo
3:45pmSession IV: Strategic ThinkingDan Herrick, University of Colorado – Boulder
4:30pmWrap-upAllan Chen

Session Details

Session I: Taking the First Step

This panel will share their experiences from their first promotion to manager.

Session II: Persuasive Communication Skills

As IT professionals, communication with our clients is certainly important.  However, establishing a rapport is absolutely ESSENTIAL.  Communication shares information.  A rapport not only creates a relationship–it establishes trust. 

How do you get there?  What do you say, and how do you say it?  What’s important, and what isn’t?  How do keep from being “white noise” and become relevant in the eyes of your campus community?  This session considers ideas and strategies in reaching that end goal.

Session III: Funding Beyond Student Payroll

When facing budget constraints, one has to have a long-term strategy that includes a budget to support goals and a replacement plan for critical infrastructure. How do IT department budget cycles fit into a school’s overall financial cycle? What should be considered when developing a plan for planned replacement? How can IT departments work with the school’s administration to get more funds? How can equipment and facility life cycles be extended without degrading services? This presentation will address these questions by providing an overview of a school’s fiscal cycle, how IT department budgets operate within that context, and strategies that can be used to advance the mission.

Mat Felthousen, Interim Executive Director of Campus Auxiliary Services at SUNY Geneseo, will discuss his experiences with budgeting for projects and life cycle management. He will speak from 20+ years of past experiences, including as a Vice President + CIO at a college of art & design, and an Assistant Director in a central IT organization for an R1 university.

Session IV: Strategic Thinking

“Think strategically, act tactically.” Great advice, but how do you apply it as a manager?

As you navigate the transition to a manager role, it’s important to consider the differences between strategic, tactical, and operational work, and how you apply each of those to your role. You’ll need to understand how your work changes and how your work is now structured, and even embrace a new definition of what “work” is. No matter your manager role, there are strategic aspects of the job: You must strategically prioritize your work and your teams’ work, you will plan for contingencies and for the future, and you have to lead while ensuring the effectiveness of your team.

All of this takes a certain mindset and perspective of strategic thinking. Thinking long-term and broadly about impacts, interconnection, and relationships, while still working toward results and keeping customers happy, seems daunting but is completely achievable. This session will talk about the fundamental concepts of strategic thinking, while providing examples of applying strategic thinking to your work as a manager.

Technical Information

The Virtual Conference is offered through GoToWebinar. After registering you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the event.

Equipment Needed: