SIGUCCS Online Newsletter

Mat FelthousenI am excited to introduce the inaugural edition of the SIGUCCS online newsletter. This issue involves a few transitions, including making the newsletter content available to the entire SIGUCCS community, and not just our members. Please join me in congratulating Laurie Fox, Information Director for SIGUCCS, and the Marketing Committee in their efforts in making this new publication a reality.

SIGUCCS’ origins can be traced back to 1963 and what was primarily a Chairman’s newsletter format. In 1971 it was expanded to include updates from other officers and committees. By that point what is now the Fall Conference had been established, and the newsletter was also used for promotion.

Rather than a top-down approach to communication, we intend to ‘flip’ the newsletter. On behalf of the Marketing Committee, we want to hear from you, our audience. What do you think of this new format? What content would you like to see? This newsletter is intended to be an outlet for the community, as well as SIGUCCS leaders. We look forward to seeing what you have to share.

Mat Felthousen, ACM-SIGUCCS Chair