SIGUCCS 2019 Conference Takeaway – Project Manager Tools

Communication Skills and Training are a Project Managers Best Tools

In this session, we learned about Teaming (the verb). No, not a regular work team… so, what is teaming?

Teaming is a dynamic activity. It is focused and time limited. It is action oriented. There is a single goal defined. Teams last about 6 months (generally) and they split off and new teams are created. Teams should be empowered to make decisions, or at least make recommendations to a decision-making body.

The second half of the session was about communication skills. Team communications have set and managed expectations: style, frequency, methods. They are also directed UP (steering committee, sponsor, executives), OUT (stakeholders, community), DOWN (team members).

Communications should always be transparent!


Targeted communications to stakeholders and community should have ONE key takeaway per message – Laurie Fox.

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