Chapter participation provides a unique combination of social interaction and professional dialogue among peers, in their own geographic area. SIGUCCS encourages regional colleagues to form local chapters, and we provide support for meetings and professional development opportunities. Contact for more information.


NYCHES Chapter 2015
NYCHES Chapter 2015

NYCHES ACM SIGUCCS Chapter (New York State)
Charter Date: Mar 26, 2012
Chair: Daniel Donner

Tokyo SIGUCCS Professional Chapter
Charter Date: Jun 01, 2016
Chair: Hiroki Kashiwazaki

Resources for SIG Chapters

How to Start a Professional SIG Chapter
Start an ACM Professional SIG Chapter in 4 easy steps. Enter chapter information, identify three chapter leaders (must have ACM membership), enter contact information, and enter the names of at least ten (10) individuals willing to carry out the chapter’s mission and participate in activities.

ACM Chapter-in-a-Box
Chapter-in-a-Box (PDF) contains the resources required for organizing and maintaining an ACM chapter. This compilation of materials and practices includes advice about recruiting members, ideas for activities, how-tos for running meetings and conferences, and much more.

ACM Chapters Frequently Asked Questions
Visit ACM Chapters FAQs for answers to questions about web accounts, the administrative interface, annual reports, new chapter officers, and more.

Chapter Administrative Interface