The ACM SIGUCCS 2018 Call for Proposals is now closed. Authors and presenters will be notified of their acceptance in early March.

Why Present? Mo Nishiyama offers compelling reasons in this SIGUCCS Newsletter article.

Why is a written paper required? Lisa Brown and Laurie Fox explore the objectives of this requirement in a SIGUCCS Newsletter article.

Program Tracks or “Missions”

Rear view of man gesturing with hand while standing against defocused group of people sitting at the chairs in front of himThe Program Committee has developed the following program tracks and suggested topics:

  1. Customer Service and IT Service Management
    • How do you build and support a customer service culture?
    • ITSM Solutions: How did you select your ITSM tool? How has ITSM improved your customers’ experience?
    • Before and after: real world service desk improvements
    • How do you plan for disasters and vacancies?
  2. Instructional Technology
    • How to survive an LMS implementation
    • Can we scale our home grown lecture capture service?
    • Designing a university-wide approach to collaborative learning
    • How do we support faculty use of emerging technologies?
  3. Lab Management and Desktop Support
    • What challenges do we face in reinventing the virtual lab environment?
    • Solving our end-point security nightmare
    • Strategies for streamlining application deployment
    • How do we choose the right tools for patch management and implementation
  4. Infrastructure and Strategic Planning
    • Is BYOD or dedicated equipment necessary for institutional success?
    • Microsoft System Center: Why we did we implement it and what did we gain?
    • Splunk analysis for front-line support staff
    • The future of IT service: what does it entail and how are we preparing? How do you approach IT governance? What compliance issues are you facing and how are you mastering them?
  5. Training, Documentation, and Engagement
    • How to make the most of the employee onboarding process?
    • Designing a self-help documentation system that customers actually use
    • What defines user-centered IT Security training?
    • Defining IT’s role: Are we service providers, knowledge experts, or both?
  6. Leadership & Career Development
    • How do you report and how does that change your strategies to achieve community buy-in on large initiatives?
    • What is your professional development path? What strategies for workforce assessment & realignment worked at your institution?
    • How do you develop leadership abilities and add new technical expertise within your organization without adding staff?
    • How to influence campus culture and cultivate engaging partnerships

Presenter at business seminar takes a question from audience

Note on papers:

Papers are written in advance of the conference and are published in the ACM Digital Library. Authors are paired with Track Chairs and Readers, who edit and make suggestions on the first draft, due April 8, 2018. To make our publication and conference deadline, final versions of papers will be due June 3, 2018.