Call for Proposals

Help make the 2019 conference memorable.

The ACM SIGUCCS 2019 Call for Proposals commences on January 22, 2019, with a submission deadline of March 8th. Authors and presenters will be notified of their acceptance in early April.

Submit a proposal

The conference submission for ACM SIGUCCS 2019 is through EasyChair web-based conference management system (if you have not used EasyChair previously, creating a new account is simple). Once you have logged into EasyChair, follow these guidelines for submitting your proposals:

  • Conference track: The list is not meant to be restrictive, so feel free to choose “Other” if you feel that your presentation does not fit in any of the other listed tracks. It’s also possible that we may combine or rename tracks once we see what topics are proposed.
  • ACM-provided questions: Questions provided by ACM about demographics (if you choose to answer them).
  • Contact information: For you and any co-authors you may have.
  • Paper title: Your current title, which can be changed later if you wish.
  • Abstract: Briefly summarize what the substance of your presentation will be, and describe what you expect your audience to share with their institutions after they attend your talk. The abstract, if accepted, will ultimately appear in conference publications and in the ACM Digital Library, but you will have a chance to edit it before then.
  • Keywords: Include at least three terms that would help someone to find your presentation using a search in ACM Digital Library.
  • Formats: Indicate the format(s) in which your presentation might be given that are acceptable to you. Options are stand-alone, panel, poster, and lightning talk.
Submit your proposal

Why present?

Lisa Brown offers compelling reasons in this ACM SIGUCCS newsletter article.

What topics can I submit for ACM SIGUCCS 2019 conference?

We seek papers and posters on a range of topics related to information technology support in higher education, among them the following:

  • Strategy and governance
  • Infrastructure and operations
  • Instructional technology and design
  • Leadership and career development
  • Service management
  • Lab management and desktop support
  • Communication, training, and documentation

Tell me more about presentation options.

Now you know about the conference topics and presentation options, submit your proposal today!